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In the dynamic world of logistics and materials handling, pallet tops have emerged as indispensable accessories designed to provide an extra layer of protection and organization to palletized goods. These versatile components, commonly known as pallet tops or lids, are designed to securely cover the top of pallets, safeguarding goods from external elements and potential damage during transportation and storage. In this page, we explore the key features, benefits, and diverse applications of pallet tops available for purchase in the United Kingdom.

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CM Pallet Services Ltd specializes in the removal of standard and non-standard size pallets no matter how big the job. Regional and national service that is tailored to your needs and we offer the best rates for bulk purchase. Bulk timber and odd size collections welcome due to recycling capabilities. We specialize in the recycling of timber and mixed pallets that most companies will not deal with.
We can cut your carbon footprint!!

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